Mini AED Trainer XFT-D0009 First Aid Training Device

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  •  It has no high-voltage capabilities, ensuring safety during training
  • It complies with the latest guidelines and its voice prompt has 20 languages for choice
  • The device is very small and convenient to take
  • The device has the function of voice broadcast and LED display (working instructions, electrode pads direction, shock instructions, warning signs)
  • When you toggle the switch, it can simulate the electrode pads connected or unconnected
  • The device has voice prompts and LED indication during two minutes CPR pause time (sound tip: the interval to 0.6 seconds beep 200 times, and the light flashes with the sound’s frequency
  • Prompt the user to do 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths, steps just like this:  30 chest compressions - 2 breaths - check the patient's breath (repeat this cycle)
  • Model No.:  XFT-D0009
  • Name:  XFT mini AED Trainer
  • Power Supply:  DC3.0V (2 x AAA battery)
  • Product size:  100 x 80 x 18mm
  • Shutdown Current:  <20uA Max
  • Maximum Operating Current:  <350ma max="" p="">