18L Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

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The lid is equipped with safety valve and air release valve. When the steam pressure exceeds 0.165MPa the safety valve can automatically release pressure that is too high, having a double safety function and featuring safety and reliability in use. The lid is also equipped with a pressure gauge with megabar and temperature readings, which conveniences the user.

The product can also use liquefied petroleum gas and coal stove as the heating energy. The product is heated by immersed electro thermal tube.

The container and drum adopt stainless steel 0Gr18Ni9Ti, anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-rust.

Sterilizing volume: 18L (280 x 265mm

Working Pressure: 0.14 MPa

Working temperature: 126 Deg C

Max. safety pressure: 0.165 MPa

Power: AC220V 50Hz/2KW