14G Chest Decompression Needle

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Studies suggest that to achieve a 100% chest decompression success rate, a minimum of an 8cm over-the-needle catheter should be used to cover the full range of patient physiques encountered in the field. This 14G 8.2cm (3.25”) over-the-needle catheter will provide you with adequate catheter length to ensure the highest success rates in decompressing a tension pneumothorax through a very wide range of patient sizes. Supplied sterile and individually packaged in a rugged pen-type cover, that will give you the assurance that this decompression needle will stand up to the task at hand, effortlessly.


  • Supplied sterile in a rugged pen-type protective cover
  • 14G catheter that measures 8.2cm (3.25 inches) in length
  • Non-kink catheter to ensure uninterrupted venting of plural cavity
  • High-quality stainless-steel needle
  • Designed to reach the plural cavity in 100% of patients
  • Individually packaged
  • Single-use