30L/Minute Suction Unit (Mains/Manual)

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1. Providing extremely efficient vacuum generation with maintenance- free and easy service.
2. The level of vacuum required is controlled by the vacuum regulator and showed on the vacuum meter.
3. The overflow protection device prevents liquid or solid particles from entering the intermediate tubing and pump; the bacterial filter for single use can eliminate airborne contamination.
4. Five kinds of jar configuration make it flexible to select ,all jars available, made of polycarbonate (PC), are transparent , unbreakable and autoclavable.
5. A novel exterior, small size and light weight make it easy and comfortable to carry about.

1. Max vacuum: ≥0.09MPa (680mmHg)
2. Adjustable vacuum range: 0.02MPa~0.09MPa
3. Flow rate: ≥32 L/min
4. Noise: ≤60 dB(A)
5. Jar: 2000 mL×1(standard configuration)
6. Power supply: AC220V 50 Hz
7. Input power: 150VA
8. Dimension: 550mm× 264mm× 365mm
9. G.W./N.W.: 7/4.5kg