Alcohol Tester - Cheetah-1 (Wand Type)

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Cheetah 1 is a continuous pumping style quick investigation alcohol detector, one second without blowing out the results, and easy to carry.
1 Detection probe: The electrochemical fuel cell.
2, Key features: " test" button to complete the operation, simple and quick.
3 The screen displays: Color OLED display is very clear in the light-duty alcohol test
Process dynamics displayed on the screen for easy duty.
4, Vibration motor prompts: When the test result is below the national standard, does not shock vibration motor
Move, the indicator does not work industry; When the test result is higher than the national standard, issued a shock vibration motor
Moving tips, not blinking, allowing detection of people who keep abreast with the detected detection results
No alcohol situation.
5Rapid investigation and detection: the use of motorcycle exhaust samples, measured as long as people close to the air inlet
Kazakh gas sampling and analysis can be automated without manual key sampling. Rapid, one second out
The results.
6Qualitative detection: with qualitative detection function, to ensure fairness and accuracy of law enforcement, the
Qualitative test results visually display data.
7 Sampling products: the use of a concave -type sample port design, with guidance, to collect the gas function.
8, No warm-up time: boot directly tested.
9Power supply: energy-saving design, the machine uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity 3000mAh, can
8 hours of continuous work.
10Equipment Dimensions, weight: rod ergonomic design, easy to carry.
11, Flashlight mode: easy night duty.

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