Contec HMS6600 Integrated Diagnostic System


Integrated Diagnostic System is a portable medical device which takes community aging users as the center, general doctors as the main application objects. It is convenient to visit every family at any time, and user can finish all examinations at home. The device is consisted of Tablet PC and Bluetooth collection terminal, which can measure multi-parameter, such as 12-lead ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, blood glucose, temperature and routine urine, etc. Data measured can be uploaded to PHMS, which provides effective health management for user and support for clinical decision, helps hospital to enhance medical decision, hospital management and medical level. Application range: community service station, physical examination club, village clinic and hospital, etc.


Portable examination: Portable design, health examination.
Bluetooth transmission: Data collected by terminal device can be transmitted to tablet PC(Android) by Bluetooth.
Offline collection: Data can be collected under the state of no network or unstable network.
Data upload: Data collected in offline state can be uploaded to PHMS again until stable network.
Cloud print: By “Download” service, examination report can be printed by AUTO mode.
Login by multi-mode: Phone number, health card
Network mode: Wi-Fi, 3G
*Cloud storage: Data measured can be uploaded to PHMS, safe and private to manage health archives, convenient to inquire anywhere anytime.
*Private health cloud service: Long-term storage, analysis and review for physiological trend data
*Health management service: Provide health instruction and consultation service by cloud experts.
Note: the contents marked with “*” are provided by cloud terminal.

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