Contec OC3B Oxygen Concentrator

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OC3B Oxygen Concentrator adopts pressure swing absorbers (PSA) to directly concentrate the medical oxygen with a high concentration of the air.The machine cooperates with such diseases as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, altitude response and altitude sickness, geriatric disease, pediatric respiratory tract infection, nocturnal hypoxemia and gas poisoning anoxia in treatment. It is widely used for students, white-collar workers, athletes, the elderly, pregnant women, the fetus for mental and physical recovery, assistant therapy and physiological health.

Major Features:

  1. With turning  truckle, easy to move
  2. Built-in filter  to sieve the impurity 
  3. Oxygen  concentration status indicator 
  4. Function of  accumulating time
  5. Function of  timing shutdown 
  6. Alarm for power  failure 
  7. Alarm for  high/low-pressure protection 
  8. Alarm for low  flow rate
  9. With working  indicator 
  10. Measure  SpO2 and pulse rate
Main performance:
  • Electrical  Requirements:AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
  • Flow  Range:0.5-3L/min
  • Oxygen Outlet  Concentration Levels:(reach the stated oxygen concentration level after turning  on the machine for thirty minutes): it`s 93%±3% when the flow rate is  0.5-3L'min
  • SpO2 Measuring  Range: 0%~100% 
  • Accuracy:  70%~100%: ±2%,Below 70% unspecified
  • PR Measuring  Range: 30bpm~250bpm
  • Accuracy: ±2bpm  or ±2% (select larger)
  • Outlet  pressure:20kPa~50kPa
  • Sound  Level:≤55dB(A)
  • Average Power  Consumption:330VA


■Adopt PSA principle to concentrate oxygen, advanced in technology and excellent in performance.

■Conform to latest national standard Oxygen Concentrator, safe and reliable in use.

■Concentrate high-concentration oxygen from air directly, easy to operate.

■Humanized design, small in volume, low in noise and economical in electricity.


■Accumulation time: clear in total work time.

■Timing shutdown: convenient to operate.

■Alarm for Low-concentration: when oxygen concentration is lower than 82%, it prompts with yellow indicator,

and lower than 60%, prompts with a red indicator.

■Alarm for high-low pressure protection: continuously alarm when abnormal pressure appears.

■Alarm for power interruption: continuously alarm when the power is interrupted suddenly.

■Function of measuring SpO2 and Pulse Rate: SpO2 and Pulse Rate can be measured and displayed



■Relative humidity:≤80%

■Atmospheric pressure:860hPa~1060hPa

Main parameters

■Electrical Requirements:AC220V±10%,50Hz±1H

■Flow Range:0.5~3L/min

■Outlet Pressure:20kPa~50kPa

■Average Power Consumption:330VA

■Sound Level:≤55dB(A)

■Oxygen Output Concentration Levels:(reach the stated oxygen concentration level after turning on 

the machine for thirty minutes); it’s 93%±3% when the flow rate is 0.5~3L/min




  • A humidifier  bottle
  • A user  manual
  • A power cord 
  • A nasal oxygen  cannula
  • A  SpO2 probe
Physical Identity:

Dimension: 508(L) × 260(W)  × 530(H) mm
Weight: 21Kg