Contec Video Laryngoscope

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CMS-GS1 is a Reusable Video Laryngoscope, It provides better visualization for diffcult Intubation, Making the difficult airway easy and quick, it is 3.5" Full Touch Color Screen,2.0 Mega Pixel Camera, 16GB Storage, Built-in Rechargeable battery, with Different disposable blades. SmartScope LV Pro Intubation success rates higher than others.

Application Range: It is widely used for Routine and difficult tracheal intubation. Could be used for doctors in Anesthesia, ICU/NICU/CCU, Operating Room, Emergency Rescue, Ambulance, ENT etc. Clinical training and teaching of tracheal intubation.


3.5" Full Touch Color Screen. 

Anti fog coating on distal lens Video/Photo function. 

Battery rechargeable One button Only, Fast and simple operation 360 °All sight LCD, no blind spot. 

Fully Portable Video endoscope laryngoscope,210g Anti-fog blade.

Can be connected to bigger monitor and computer Real-time take photo and video.

Disposable plastic S2 2,S3,S4 blade Making the difficult airway easy and quick.


Display : Monitor: LCD Display 

Resolution Ratio:640X480RGB 

Ratio: 4:3 video refresh 

Rata: 30FPS 

Data output: Easy to establish and store files in JPEG or MP4.16GB standard can lbc up grade to 256GB.

Connect to PC by USB-Typo C cable. image output: Connect to external LCD by HDMl cable, convenient for training and presentation 

Camera and imago: Resolution Ratio 2.OM Pixels Ficld Angle : ≥80° lllurninancez≥100OLUX working distance: 20mm-100mm Color temperature ≥5000K Color reduction grade ≥4 

Safety: Ergonomic and durable design for long time usage 

High quality material with anti shatter protection for whole unit 

Disposable Blades avoid cross infection Anti- Fog Lens and Anti-Microbial 

Handle Fast: Fast intubation after short time training 

Fast install or remove disposable blade 

Lightweight and portable High- Definition 3.5 inch anti- reflective full touch display with 640*480 resolution 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera provide 1280*720P photo and video Rotation angle for up-down ≥120°and left-right ≥270° 

Easy: One shot button for Recording 

One cable connect to PC for data management 

One cable connect to large LCD for better view (option) 

Full touch scree with user friendly operation 

Wireless charging Cost Effective Favorable cost for all kinds of disposable blades Rechargeable battery for at least 4 hours working time 

Power and Battery: Type Rechargeable 

Lithium Battery Battery life Cycle: More Than 500 times AC100-240V,50/60Hz,5OVA Charging times: less than 4hrs 5w Wireless Charging (Optional) Working Condition:  Temperature; -10~+45℃