Cosmopor® E Non-Woven Island Dressing (Singles)

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Self-adhesive wound dressing made of a soft non-woven fabric as support material, with a non-adherent wound dressing pad; highly absorbent and good padding effect; skin-friendly through a hypoallergenic synthetic adhesive.

For the postoperative wound treatment but also for the sterile treatment of minor injuries, e.g. in first aid; in patients with sensitive skin.

Nappi Code: 491476005 (72mm x 55mm)

Nappi Code: 488435002 (100mm x 60mm)

Nappi Code: 493386006 (150mm x 80mm)

Nappi Code: 490828005 (200mm x 100mm)

Nappi Code: 491298006 (250mm x 100mm)

Nappi Code: 568289003 (350mm x 100mm)