Cupid 1 Digital Baby and Toddler Scale

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The CUPID 1 Digital Infant & Toddler Scale features a removable measurement tray with sloped edges to safely and comfortably hold infants during weighing.

Highly accurate, the scale is able to track even slight changes in infants' weight. The platform can be easily removed to weigh toddlers as well, with anti-slip foot-shaped indentations that make it clear where to stand.

Utilize the weight hold function to weigh restless infants, and the tare function to deduct the weight of blankets and other objects.

Indicator Embedded
Capacity 20 kg / 40 lb
Graduation 10g / 0.02 lb


520(W) x 320(D) x 80(H) mm
20.5(W) x 12.6 (D) x 3.1 (H) inch

Device Weight 2.2 kg (4.9 lb)
Power Source 9V Battery*1

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