DM-3000 Professional Mercury & Digital Blood Pressure Meter

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 This dual function blood pressure monitor can be used in automatic mode or can be used in oscillometric mode or auscultatory mode with digital column.designed to give professionals the option and to become a global standard.


  • Blood pressure measurement / Wrap cuff around upper part of arm to take a systolic and diastolic reading
  • Pulse rate measurements / Pulse rates can also be measured along with blood pressure
  • Easy operation allows measurement results to be obtained promptly
  • Automatic or manual measurement can be selected
  • Highly legible LCD display in the image of a mercury column
  • Records 7 measurement results and the average values (while taking automatic measurements)
  • AC adapter / Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery

 Mercury-free blood pressure monitor with easy to read LCD display bar

As the production, exporting and importing of mercury will be prohibited by 2020, the DM-3000 incorporates a highly legible LCD bar display that extends vertically and is easy to use for clinical operators who are familiar with mercury manometers. With a white LED backlight, the bar display stands out attractively for easier viewing.

Equipped with two measurement methods: AUTO and MANUAL

Change between two methods of measurement with a single switch: easy to use automatic oscillometric(AUTO)and auscultatory (MANUAL) through the use of a stethoscope. The stethoscope measurement method has a pressure retention function for retaining systolic and diastolic blood pressure values, which have been determined, through the use of a SET/MEMORY button. Pre-pressurizing value can also be set using the selection dial.