Electrocardiograph (Telemedicine Version) ECG1200G

Remote Diagnostics

Network mode 3G, Wi-Fi or wired, distill the uplaoded data for expert diagnosis and print the diagnosis report.

Different display modes

12-Lead ECG collection function, simultaneous display and print and print the 3-lead, 6-lead and 12-lead ECG waveforms, trend chart and histogram in RR interval can be printed, waveform length can also be adjusted and timing print function meets different application requirements.

Accurate and reliable parameter

12-Lead sync collection, obtain ECG with high quality with the collection accuracy of 12-bit, with the functions of auto-analysis and auto-diagnosis for routine ECG parameters, provide measurement parameters and auto-diagnosis conclusion for HR, P-R interval, P Duration, QRS Duration, Q-T interval, Q-Tc, P Axis, QRS Axis, T Axis, R(V5), S(V1)+S(V1), etc which reduces the doctors burden.

Big Screen

8" colour LCD with adjustable backlight displays ECG waveform and work status with high definition, achieves the function of observing firstly, then printing, which saves the recording paper and all operations can be finished by the touch screen and keys.

Power supply

AC/DC, and built-in rechargeable lithium battery meets the requirements for visiting a patient at home and examination.

Case storage and review function

Perfect ECG database management system which has built-in and bulk memory, which is convenient for doctor to review case and statistic.

Embedded intelligent operating system

Stable, high-efficient and safe in operating system, supports updating software with USB interface.

Full-digital filter design

Anti-baseline drift, anti-AC and EMG interface, ensures regular and accurate waveform.

Sync transmission

Use with PC software to achieve real-time transmission, easy and convenient in operating and more powerful in analysis function.

Multi-language operation

Optional operation interface with different languages: Chinese, English, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Kazak and reports in these languages can be printed.


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