Emergency Transport Ventilator Shangrila 510

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Shangrila 510 is an emergency transport ventilator which is simple to operate, light weight, compact design and reliable in performance.

• Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled
• All parameters set in one step
• Simple operation, compact design, reliable performance
• Waveform display and multi-parameter monitoring
• Backup apnea ventilation
• Flexible power supply: A/C, D/C, rechargeable built-in battery

Technical Specification

Ventilation Mode
• Assist/Control (A/C)
• Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
• Spontaneous ventilation (SPONT)
• Manual ventilation (Manual)
• Combined: VCV+SIGH

• Tidal volume: 0_1500ml
• Respiratory rate: 4_99bpm (A/C mode) 4_40bpm (SIMV mode)
• I:E ratio: 2:1_1:4
• FiO2: 48%_100%
• Pressure trigger sensitivity: -2_0kPa (above PEEP)
• PEEP (option): 0.5_2kPa

• Pressure values: Ppeak
• Volume/flow values: Vt, MV
• Time values: ftotal
• Real time curves: Pressure-Time

• Paw high, Paw low, Apnea, AC power failure,Battery low, O2 deficiency

Technical Data
• Screen: LCD
• Gas supply: O2, 0.28_0.6M Pa
• Power supply: AC110_240V, 50Hz/60Hz, ≤65VA
• Maximum security pressure: ≤6kPa
• Compliance: ≤4mL/100Pa
• Noise: ≤65dB(A)
• Dimension(HxWxD): 175x170x300mm

• Weight: 3.5kg

Environment Requirement
• Temperature: -10˫_50˫ (Operation) -20˫_55˫ (Storage)
• Relative humidity: ≤85%, non-condensing (Operation) ≤93%, non-condensing (Storage)
• Atmospheric pressure: 70_110kPa (Operation) 50_106kPa (Storage)


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