Pain Relief Patches 2 Pack

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Dr. Lee® pain relief patch is the latest breakthrough product in advanced Chinese traditional herbal medicine. It's fast acting herbal formula is the result of over 25 years of scientific research as well as the unique combination of various precious traditional Chinese herbal medicines in a very complicated scientific process. Dr. Lee® pain relief patch is effective for pain such as sport injuries, sprain, twisted ankles, aching back and waist, arthritis, neuralgia, joint pain etc. It is also effective for reducing swelling and bruises. Why choose Dr. Lee pain relief patch? 1. No animal parts! Unlike many other Asian products which may contain endangered animal parts. Dr. Lee® pain relief patch is 100% herbal. 2. GMP certified! All Dr. Lee® patches are manufactured in a strict GMP facility and each batch is tested for heavy metal levels to ensure safety of our customer. 3. Fast & effective! This unique herbal formula works fast and penetrate the skin and works on the pain. 4. No animal testing! The researchers of Dr. Lee® pain relief patch are anti-animal testing! Each 1g contains: Angelicae sinensis radix - 10mg. Angelicae dahuricae radix - 10mg. Armenicae semen - 10mg. Scrophulae radix - 10mg. Gleditsiae fructus - 10mg. Aconite kusnezoffii radix - 10mg. Liquidambaris resina - 267mg. Allium fistulosum - 17mg. Pini resina - 267mg. Olibanum - 17mg. Myrrha - 17mg. Yellow wax - 34mg. L-Menthol - 11 mg. Resin - 100mg. Zinc oxide - 30mg. Methyl Salicylate - 5mg. Tartrazine - Q.S. Sesame oil add to - 1g.