Portable Battery Nebuliser CA-MI MOBILE

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Portable Battery Nebuliser CA-MI MOBILE is a miniaturized micro-piston compressor system for aerosol drug delivery featuring integrated "VRS" (Vibration Reduction System) to minimize impact of vibrations and "RCC" (Rapid Charge Control) to achieve fastest possible charging time. Power supplied by eight AA batteries makes this portable nebuliser system one of the most powerful battery operated units on the market.
Portable Battery Nebuliser CA-MI Mobile works on three power supply options:
- by electric mains with 220V, (included)
- by 12V car charger (included)
- by standard rechargeable AA batteries (not included)
Its small size and light weight, the reduced vibrations and noise level, the efficiency with any kind of medication make it a multi-purpose portable nebuliser for travel and home use. This portable nebuliser works in 30 min. on and 30 min. off cycle. Dimensions: 140 x 70 x 90 mm Weight: 0,56 kg Maximum pressure: 2 bar MMAD: 3 microns Volume output: 0.35 ml/min Noise level: 50 dB 2 Year Warranty