Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Rechargeable Battery

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Rich oxygen supply.  much safer, more environmental and health friendly

Fully filtrates harmful substances in the air, such as dusts, virus and bacteria , and refresh the air with rich oxygen, environmentally and health friendly.

Concise film button , simplified operating procedure

Convenient earphone breathing apparatus

Low noise , mute motor, physical oxygen generation

Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands

Portable and light

Most cost effective source of oxygen therapy

Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow

specialized chargeable battery and charger, suitable for traveling and household use

Furnished with chargeable lithium battery

CE Certification, ISO9001 Quality Certification

  1. 29%+/-2% concentration, life standard clean rich oxygen supply
  2. Efficient oxygen supply
  3. Concise film button, simplified operating procedure
  4. Portable and light 
  5. Energy efficient, Economical Consumption
  6. Convenient earphone breathing apparatus
  7. Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation
  8. Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands
  9. Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow
  10. Standard parts: worldwide voltage adapter

Optional parts: specialized chargeable battery and charger, suitable for traveling and household use.