Rossmax SB200 Fingertip - Pulse Oximeter with Arteriosclerosis Recognition

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The Finger Pulse Oximeter SB200 measures the oxygen saturation levels, pulse frequency and the APG index (Acceleration Plethysmogramm). Therefore, it can quickly and simply determine the Arteriosclerosis status in relation to the SpO2 level. The Rossmax APG Index measurement, by which its reliability has been confirmed through a study at the National Taiwan University Hospital, allows for an assessment of the elasticity of the arterial walls through determination of the blood flow rate.
Product Details 
  • Finger Pulse Oximeter SB200
  • For determination of oxygen saturation and pulse frequency in adults and children
  • APG Index display with graphics 
  • Arteriosclerosis status in 6 stages (tested through a study by the National Taiwan University Hospital)
  • Intuitive 1 button service
  • OLED display
  • Low weight and compact dimensions make it ideal for mobile use
  • With battery life display
  • Batterie operated with 2 AAA alkali batteries 
  • Up to 16 hours service life with a single set of batteries
  • Automatic switchoff after approx. 8 seconds of non-use 
  • Interchangeable display modes via quick touches of on/off button 
  • Acoustic and visual alarm when limit is exceeded
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty 
  • Dimensions: 63.5 x 34 x 35mm 
  • Weight: 37g (without batteries)
  • Measurement range of SpO2: 35 - 99%
  • Measurement range of pulse frequency: 30 - 250 Bpm

The Finger Pulse Oximeter SB200 includes a function for determining the vessel condition. This is displayed by the levels 1 through 6 as follows:

  • Level 1: Arteries and Blood circulation are in excellent condition 
  • Level 2: Arteries and Blood circulation are in good condition 
  • Level 3: Arteries and Blood circulation are in slightly above average condition 
  • Level 4: Arteries and Blood circulation are in average condition 
  • Level 5: Arteries and Blood circulation are in below average condition 
  • Level 6: Arteries and Blood circulation are in poor condition 
The Finger Pulse Oximeter SB200 with APG-Index parameter will be delivered to you with a service manual and 2 AAA batteries.