Stair Chair

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The stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials. It is an ideal facility for emergency staff to transfer patient to go up and down stair. Two stationary rear wheels enable the patients to be moved over most surfaces with minimal effort. The stretcher approves the patient’s safety during transport process because of it’s 3 piece restraint straps with quick-release buckle. Under the front of the stretcher, it has two flexible uplift rods. The stretcher can be folded and it saves the space in ambulance or response vehicle. It is characterized by its being light-weight, small-sized, easy-carried, use-safety and easy for sterilization and cleaning.

1) Product size (L x W x H): 91 x 51 x 90cm
    Folding size (L x W x H): 17 x 59 x 90cm
2) Packing size: 96 x 64 x 17cm
3) N.W.: 8kg G.W.: 9.2kg
4) Load bearing: 159kg