Tac-Force TF-835EM Rescue Knife with Torch

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Designed to be the ideal selection for making sure you have a reliable cutting tool, the Tac-Force EMT tactical rescue knife with Glass Breaker, Flashlight and Seat belt Cutter is an astonishing knife that won't let you down when it's needed. This knife has a 3.25 inch 3mm thick stainless steel blade, measures 4.5 inches closed and has EMT on it. The little light on the handle is bright and perfectly sized for when it counts. The Tac-Force Folding Pocket was developed with an amazing seat belt cutter, flashlight, pocket clip, lanyard loop and glass breaker making it great for emergency situations. The blade is a drop point and has a partially serrated edge. If you are searching for the best blade to suit your needs, choose Tac-Force.